PALCLAD® PRIME PVC Hygienic Cladding

Interior Wall Cladding Panels System

PALCLAD PRIME offers a practical, cost-efficient, and comprehensive package for interior wall cladding applications. The system combines flat PVC panels with color-matched welding rods and profiles for a seamless finish. PALCLAD PRIME offers exceptional resistance to impact, chemical substances, moisture, and stains, enabling simplified cleaning and maintenance. Its durability ensures years of service unaffected by repetitive cleaning routines. With ease of cutting, cold or hot bent, and suitability for digital and wide format printing, PALCLAD PRIME gives you design freedom.


PALCLAD PRIME PVC wall covering Hygiene panels. Easy to clean and maintain. Durable and cost-effective.

Color & Surface Texture Variety


Fully Recyclable

HYG Active Hygiene

Minimal Maintenance

Complete System Components


PALCLAD PRIME PVC wall panels are resistant to germs, bacteria, and mold. An ideal choice for hospitals, schools, and high-traffic areas.
  • Healthcare facilities

  • Offices & lobbies

  • Birthing room

  • High-traffic areas

  • Commercial kitchens & restaurants

  • Operating room

PALCLAD Portfolio

  • PALCLAD Prime

    Durable PVC cladding, available with antimicrobial HYG technology

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    Durable PVC cladding, available with antimicrobial HYG technology

    PALCLAD Prime wall panels are available in a variety of sizes and colors, with smooth satin and haircell-embossed finish options.
    Available with HYG technology: PALCLAD Prime HYG hygienic panels actively prevent microorganism growth.

  • HYG Technology

    PALCLAD HYG Active Antimicrobial Cladding

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    PALCLAD HYG Active Antimicrobial Cladding

    PALCLAD HYG Hygienic wall cladding inhibits pathogen growth. PALCLAD HYG sheets utilize silver ions, a natural antimicrobial agent that inhibits microbe reproduction. PALCLAD HYG sheets are designed to be both easy to clean and maintain.


Learn more about PALCLAD features and benefits
  • Print, Bend, or Thermoform

    See how simple it is to fabricate PALCLAD wall panels. Enjoy the freedom of design.

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  • Reduce HAI with PALCLAD

    Maintaining a clean healthcare environment. Quick & easy biosecurity.

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  • How to Install PALCLAD

    Maintain a clean and safe environment with the PALCLAD interior wall cladding system

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  • PALCLAD PVC Welding

    How to use PALCLAD welding rods

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How to Store PVC Sheets
PVC sheets are durable and chemically resistant and guaranteed to last for many years if handled properly.
Here are some tips for storing PVC sheets to ensure you get the most out of your investment.
Store your PVC sheets horizontally on a flat surface, such as a pallet or a shelf. 
Ensure that no nails or bolts protrude from the platform. Even small rocks can leave permanent dents and scratches on the sheets.
Stack the largest sheets at the bottom, and the shorter, smaller panels on top.
Avoid stepping on PVC panels and placing heavy or sharp equipment on them.
Ensure that the PVC sheets are stored in a dry, ventilated, cool, shaded area away from direct sunlight.
Do not stack transparent or translucent sheets over opaque PVC sheets.
Avoid covering the sheets with dark films or other heat-absorbing materials.
Cover the panels with an opaque, bright, waterproof cover if you intend to leave them outdoors. 
Keep your stack dry to prevent whitening and water spots.