Residential and DIY Multiwall & Twin wall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Enjoy natural daylight with optimal thermal performance and style. Upgrade your outdoor living space with SUNLITE DIY multiwall polycarbonate. SUNLITE DIY is easy to install and handle for any remodeling project.

A dream solution for clear patio roofs, privacy partitions, DIY skylights, covered pergolas, covered carports, hobby greenhouses, and more.
UV protection keeps the panel itself and everything underneath safe. Choose from clear or coloured polycarbonate sheets. Make your home bright and comfortable all year long with natural daylight.


DIY roofing with SUNLITE DIY. Enjoy natural daylight, UV protection, all-weather comfort, and long durability.

Easy to install


For every budget
& application 

Protects against
UV radiation

Balance shade
& daylight

Thermal efficiency


DIY & home improvement projects are easy with SUNTUF DIY.
  • Entrance Canopy Roofing

  • Polycarbonate Covered Walkways

  • DIY Skylight Panels

  • Carport Roof

  • Pergola Roof Panels

  • Polycarbonate Pool Covers

  • Patio Roof Cover

  • Roofing Enclosed Gazebos & Decks

  • Polycarbonate Covered Pergola

  • Hobby Greenhouse

Colour Swatch

Choose from a variety of clear or tinted polycarbonate sheets.
  • Clear

    76%-82% light transmission

  • Bronze

    20%-35% light transmission

  • White Shades

    30%-60% light transmission

  • SolarSmar

    Solar Ice ǀ Solar Control ǀ Smart Green

Profile Range

  • SUNLITE Twin Wall

    4mm ǀ 6mm ǀ  8mm ǀ 10mm

  • SUNLITE Triple Wall

    8mm ǀ 10mm ǀ 16mm

  • SUNLITE X-Lites

    10mm ǀ 16mm


Make your home bright and comfortable all year long with natural daylight with SUNLITE DIY.
  • Calculate your roof pitch

    What is the right roof slope for proper drainage? Get expert advice.

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  • Installing SUNLITE DIY

    How to install multiwall polycarbonate sheets with H profiles / joiners

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Show FAQs
How to Store Polycarbonate Sheets
Polycarbonate sheets are tough and durable and guaranteed to last for years.
Here are some tips for storing polycarbonate sheets to ensure you get the most out of your investment.
Polycarbonate should be stored horizontally on a flat surface, such as a pallet or a shelf. 
Ensure that no nails or bolts protrude from the platform. Even small rocks can leave permanent dents and scratches on the sheets.
Stack the largest sheets at the bottom, and the shorter, smaller panels on top.
Avoid stepping on polycarbonate panels and placing heavy or sharp equipment on them.
Store the polycarbonate sheet in a dry, cool, ventilated, shaded area away from direct sunlight.
Keep your stack dry to prevent whitening and water spots.
Avoid covering the sheets with dark films or other heat-absorbing materials.
Cover the panels with an opaque, bright, waterproof cover if you intend to leave them outdoors.