Ballistic-grade polycarbonate for safety & security applications

Tested to UL ballistics and ASTM forced-entry test methods, PALSHIELD sheets are an effective first level of defense against attack and unlawful entry. Due to its layered, laminated structure, PALSHIELD can withstand both physical attacks and multi-shot ballistic assaults by absorbing impact energy without shattering or spalling.  Architects, engineers, and building owners trust PALSHIELD to withstand extreme threats even while maintaining its aesthetic quality.
Nearly half the weight of glass, PALSHIELD also features an abrasion-resistant coating, which ensures long-term, glass-like clarity.


Engineered to withstand physical attacks and ballistic assaults. Abrasion resistance with long-term clarity.

Virtually unbreakable

High optical clarity

Abrasion & wear resistant

Half the weight of glass

UV resistant

Multiple Colors


  • Storefront security glazing

  • School safety glazing

  • Transparent ballistic protection in banks

  • Prevent smash & grab

  • palgard palshield
    Government buildings

  • Law enforcement facilities


  • Forced Entry Products

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    Forced Entry

    The PALSHIELD line of forced entry protection panels come in 2 plies and 3 plies. Ranging from 9.5mm to 19mm thick, these clear security panels comply with ASTM F1915-05 – Security Grade Level 1 and ASTM F1915-05 – Security Grade Level 2.

    Used to prevent unauthorized entrances and exits, while providing unobstructed visibility to threats.


    • Schools, universities
    • Prisons, detention centers
    • Visitation centers
    • Bank teller windows
    • Medical facilities
    • Government buildings
  • Ballistic Products

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    ballistc grade

    The PALSHIELD line of ballistic resistant panels comes in 3 and 4 plies. Ranging from 19mm to 32mm thick, PALSHIELD clear bulletproof sheets comply with UL 752 Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 6. Ideal for security glazing.


    • Banks and government facilities
    • Public institutions
    • Retail storefronts
    • Gas stations and convenience stores
    • Drive-up windows, ticket booths
    • Schools and other educational facilities

Product Details

  • Dimensions
  • Colors
  • Technical Data

Product Availability

Forced Entry ProductsProtection LevelThickness in. (mm)Plieslbs./ft² (kg/m²)Light Transmission
Palshield FE 375ASTM F1915-05 - Security Grade Level 2
HPW 0500.03 Level A ballistics (.38 special)
.375" (9.5mm)22.4 (11.7)86%
Palshield FE 500ASTM F1915-05 - Security Grade Level 2
HPW 0500.03 Level A ballistics (.38 special)
.500" (12.7mm)33.3 (16.1)83%
Palshield FE 750ASTM F1915-05 - Security Grade Level 1
HTW 0500.03 Level B Balllistics (9mm)
.750" (19mm)34.9 (23.9)77%
Ballistic ProductsProtection LevelThickness in. (mm)Plieslbs./ft² (kg/m²)Light Transmission
Palshield UL1-750*UL 752 Level 1† - 9mm 3 shots.750" (19mm)34.9 (23.9)88%
Palshield UL2-1000UL 752 Level 2†† - .357 3 shots1.0" (25.4mm)46.5 (31.7)72%
Palshield UL3-1250UL 752 Level 3†† - .44 Mag 3 shots ASTM F1915-05 Security Grade Level 1 ASTM 1233-08 Class V (Body)1.25" (32mm)48.1 (39.5)67%
Palshield UL6-1250*UL 752 Level 6†† - High Velocity 9mm 5 shots Supplemental shotgun 1 shot1.25" (32mm)48.1 (39.5)78%

* Contains Acrylic

† Tested by an accredited independent lab according to UL specs.

†† UL-listed – File #BP21163

ColorsClear, Bronze, Grey
Technical Data

Regulatory Code Compliance Certification

Approved Impact and Weathering
16 CFR 1201
Category I or II
Testing Std. Reference
Standard and Year
Title / Description
Standard Test Method for Security Glazing Materials and Systems
Standard Test Method for Glazing for Detention Facilities
HP White
Transparent Material for Use in Forced Entry or Containment Barriers
Bullet Resistant Equipment

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