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Sign & Display

Broadest range of rigid media for digital printing, signage and displays

As a world leader in PVC, polycarbonate and acrylic substrates for sign and display applications, Palram offers a wide range of sheets in different materials, colors, transparencies and surfaces to meet your specific needs. Always innovating, Palram works closely with leading wide-format printer manufacturers, cutting system manufacturers and fabricators to ensure all products are compliant with the high standards and performance requirements in the industry.

Whether you're a printer, fabricator or sign maker, we understand your business needs!

As a print service provider, sign maker or display unit manufacturer, you're always under time constraints and need to fulfill short lead times. In such a highly-competitive industry, you can't afford the risk of re-runs and high scraps. At Palram, we understand these constraints and are here to give you the solution you need to get the job done on time and with the best possible quality.

Print Service Providers

Palram offers a wide range of large-format printing media that offer consistent quality and come in various thicknesses, colors and sizes.

Sign Makers

Palram offers sign face materials that are suitable for any placement from indoor refrigerator signs to outdoor 3D-lit signs and channel letter signs.

Display Unit Fabricators

Palram offers materials with structural support for a range of manufacturing processes that facilitate the highest production possible and with minimal scrap.