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Ballistic bullet-proof polycarbonate sheets for multiple applications

Palram PALSHIELD bullet-proof reinforced polycarbonate panels are available in custom sizes and thicknesses. These panel solutions can be used by architects, engineers and building owners for a wide range of ballistic and forced-entry protection applications and to protect assets. In industrial environments, these solutions are used to prevent workers and bystanders from the dangers related to equipment failure. In jewelry shops, they help prevent burglary attempts including when heavy power tools are used. In border crossing and banks, they help delay forced entry for long enough for people to get to safety. All panels are made from a relatively lightweight material that can be modified onsite.

Non-spalling, transparent, bullet-resistant polycarbonate panels

Palram PALSHIELD bullet-proof panels are made of non-spalling and non-starring material. They are compliant with UL-752 levels 1-6 and continue to provide visibility even after being damage, unlike glass which becomes useless.

PALSHIELD panels combine aesthetics with functionality. By integrating a high level of light transmission with transparency, they are used to create a welcoming interior space so that guests and customers still feel comfortable even though they are in a secured location. Moreover, they are scratch-resistance to ensure that they continue to look great in high-traffic environments.

Non-spalling, transparent, bullet-resistant polycarbonate panels