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Palram Global Operations

palram global operations

Manufacturing sites, sales offices and logistic centers worldwide

  • Continental Europe: Palram operates sales offices in France, Germany, Czech Republic, Benelux, Italy and Scandinavia. Strategically placed warehouses in France, Germany and Russia serve operations in the continent. This area is also served by the warehouses and plants located in the UK, Germany and on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

  • United Kingdom: Palram operations in the UK serve as a logistic base for Europe. Two production plants, Palram Polycarb in Doncaster and Palram DPL in Durham, produce polycarbonate and PVC sheets accordingly. Palram Applications, the finished products subsidiary, operates a logistic warehouse from Doncaster.

  • The Americas: Palram operates three subsidiaries, polycarbonate and PVC sheet plants and a distribution center, all located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Palram Americas, the distribution subsidiary, markets Palram's products throughout the Americas and operates 6 warehouses across the country. The company's corrugated products are the US DIY market leader. Palram Americas operates a marketing and logistics branch in Mexico to closely serve the company's customers in the region.

  • Asia and Oceania: Palram operates offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Singapore. Australian operations include 5 marketing offices and logistic warehouses

Global Presence

Global Presence
Global Presence