Clear, transparent, and translucent solid PMMA

PALGLAS flat extruded acrylic (PMMA) sheets feature exceptional clarity, high light transmittance, chemical and UV resistance. Available in a variety of colors and gauges, PALGLAS opens a world of design options. From clear signage and display models, to architectural highway sound barriers. Suitable for mechanical fabrication by cutting, routing, and hot bending.


Exceptional clarity, high light transmittance, half the weight of glass, available in a variety of colors

High gloss appearance

High optical clarity


Easy to fabricate

UV & weather resistant

Chemical & water resistant


From clear signage and display models to high clarity glazing. Suitable for a variety of mechanical processes.
  • Lighting fixtures & light boxes

  • Illuminated and 3D signage

  • Illuminated lettering

  • Furniture & interior design

  • Exhibition & shop design

  • Lightweight high-clarity glazing

  • Bridges & highways acoustic barriers

  • Model making

  • Cladding & interior partitions

Color Swatch

Clear, white, and colored acrylic sheets. Choose from PALGLAS variety of colors.
  • Transparent clear

  • White, colored, and customized tints


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What is the best polycarbonate panel for thermal properties and light transmission?
There is a trade-off between light transmission, transparency, and thermal properties in polycarbonate sheets. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets provide superior thermal insulation over solid sheets, but they are translucent, not transparent.
Clear polycarbonate panels will be fully transparent, but less thermally insulating.
Both options allow high light transmission, depending on their color.
If your main concern is light transmission, and not a glass-like appearance, you can achieve that with multiwall sheets, such as SUNLITE, or with the SUNPAL architectural multiwall panel system.
If your main concern is clarity, your best option is PALSUN solid polycarbonate sheets, or SUNGLAZE architectural solid panel system.
Another important factor to remember is that multi-wall sheets weigh significantly less than solid sheets. This can lower your construction and labor costs.