SUNGLAS™ Corrugated High-Impact Acrylic Sheet

Embossed high-clarity solution for residential roofing

SUNGLAS corrugated sheets can be used for both professional and DIY roofing applications. Extruded from impact-resistant plastic/acrylic, SUNGLAS offers durability and high-light transmission. SUNGLAS with a honeycombed or prismatic embossed surface adds an aesthetic appearance to roofing applications and reduces glare on bright sunny days.

Elegant glass-like corrugated acrylic roofing sheets


Typical Physical Properties

Property ASTMMethodConditionsUnitsValue
HDT (Heat deflection temperature)(D-648)Load: 1.82MPºC91
Service temperature rangeºC-40 to +80
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion(D-696)cm/cm ºC7.0 x 10-⁵
Thermal conductivity(C-177)W/m K0.19
Tensile strength at break(D-638)1 mm/min.MPa70
Elongation at break(D-638)10 mm/min.%4
Tensile modulus of alsticity(D-638)1 mm/min.%3200
Flexural strength(D-790)1 mm/min.MPa110
Flexural modulus(D-790)1 mm/min.MPa3200
Izod impact strength noched(D-256)23ºCJ16
Rockwell hardness(D-785)R scale123R
Light transmission(D-1003)Clear sheet%92
Haze(D-1003)Clear sheet%<1
Yellowness index(D-1003)Clear sheet<1.5