Facades and Curtain Walls
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Facades and Curtain Walls

Polycarbonate panels for facades and curtain walls

Polycarbonate panels are a popular solution for façades and curtain walls for both functional and aesthetic reasons. They are much stronger than glass and protect buildings from both vandalism and heavy impact. These panels also insulate buildings while letting in daylight, thus contributing to savings on air conditioning, heating and lighting costs. At night, artificial illumination can be used to create a stunning effect on the polycarbonate façade. Palram's wide variety of solutions includes multi-wall polycarbonate, monolithic and corrugated panels, which come in a variety of transparencies and tints. Designers can select panels that are as clear as glass, translucent and light-diffusing, or completely opaque. Palram polycarbonate façade systems grace the exteriors of many buildings, including commercial centers, sports venues, health and education facilities, and residential structures around the world.