Leading commercial greenhouse coverings sheets and livestock shelter roofing & siding panels

Palram brings highly versatile solutions in structural envelopes for the world of agriculture, ranging from greenhouse polycarbonate coverings that allow yield increase to long-term livestock PVC cladding that is a breeze to install and maintain. Palram coverings help control climatic conditions, eliminate condensation dripping, confront weathering and chemical issues and allow your agricultural structures to last longer.

Grower, Farmer or Contractor, we have solutions for you

Palram was the was the first-ever to offer corrugated polycarbonate greenhouse covering to the commercial greenhouse market nearly three decades ago. We are market leaders in corrugated polycarbonate and PVC sheets, and we have a versatile range of solutions to agricultural market segments.


You need coverings that do not yellow over time. They need to allow maximum light transmission and prevent condensation. They need to withstand harsh weather conditions, yet place minimum weigh on the constructions. We have it. take a look at our commercial greenhouse solutions.


You need roofing and sidings that will last, and won't require frequent maintenance nor replacement. They need to resist corrosion, withstand daily power washes, shade the livestock and protect it from the weather. A light construction, or roofing panels that fits larger spans is a plus. Look at our animal confinement and storage solutions.


You need a roofing or siding solution that's easy to install. Profiles that will match whatever metal roof you need to complete or replace, from a reliable company with all the technical support and consultation that you can get.