Local grower designs a top-of-the-art retail gardening center

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Local grower designs a top-of-the-art retail gardening center
By Palram Network

Yarok Yisraeli, Ramat Hasharon, Israel

Palram’s Suntuf Plus corrugated sheets simultaneously deliver a sunlit retail environment and create a weather-protective layer for the plants and flowers inside a large new gardening center north of Tel Aviv. The SUNTUF Plus’s integrated SolarSmart technology also lends one of the highest color rendering values available on the market.

For Yarok Yisraeli’s new expanded greenhouse store, Palram’s corrugated polycarbonate Suntuf Plus panels were the perfect solution to welcome in bright, controlled sunlight while protecting the plants from possible hail, wind and rain.

Translated as Israeli Green, the company’s large 10,000 square-meter center in Ramat Hasharon, north of Tel Aviv, hosts hundreds of daily visitors to its vibrant retail environment displaying a vast variety of vivid and colorful pot plants and tropical flowers.

But just like any retail setting, a well-lit, comfortable environment with a high color rendering for the myriad of products on display was essential.

Palram’s SolarSmart technology enables the Suntuf to deliver a natural environment. Unlike regular tints, SolarSmart admits the required amount of natural daylight while reflecting heat-creating infrared radiation outwards.

The Details

The perfect fit for creating the customized, relaxing retail experience that Yarok Yisraeli was seeking, Palram worked with the premier garden retailer to cover the roof with 1.0mm Greca Suntuf Plus corrugated polycarbonate sheets with Solar Gray selective light transmittance tints transmitting 38% of the visible light spectrum in the 400nm-700nm range. This level of light transmission provides enough light for the plants to flourish, while creating a year round comfortable environment for the shoppers, even on hot, sunny days. In addition, Suntuf Plus’s anti-condensation treatment ensures that water droplets will not accumulate on the roof and drip on the plants and the customers.

“I had concerns about hail and considered using twin-wall polycarbonate, but the Palram team assured me that single skin corrugated Suntuf Plus would resist the hail storms that we experience from time to time. The need for high light transmittance was a strong argument for the benefit of single layer corrugated Suntuf Plus,” reports Eran Ozen, founder and owner, Yarok Yisraeli. “I chose 1.0mm thick sheets instead of the standard 0.8mm just to feel extra safe.”

Having installed Suntuf Plus on an older gardening center across the road, Ozen was highly satisfied with Palram’s standards of service and the sheets’ outstanding performance in terms of durability, light transmittance, and heat reflection.

Full Service

Fully supporting Israeli Green’s large greenhouse project, Palram’s agricultural support team was intimately involved from planning to installation. This involved specifying the required light transmittance, offering the most suitable corrugation profile and sheet thickness per the required loads, and providing Bill of Quantity and on-site guidance to the installation team.

Palram also provided required accessories including formed ridge caps, screws, washers and profiled sealing strips.

A significant aspect of Ozen’s vision was delivering a new center on a grandiose scale, including the floor plan, trays, tables, and decorations. Ultimately, it was the sunroof that helped enable this.

“As a whole experience, this greenhouse provides a special shopping experience like I have not seen anywhere else,” he reports.

Just thrilled with the new center, Ozen emphatically states, “I recommend Palram’s Suntuf Plus to every grower who asks me. The service standards, the long service life of the products, and my personal experience with my older gardening center—all aspects together make me feel that this is a good company to collaborate with.”