Early Engagement and Offering The Optimal Glazing Solution To Meet The Specifications; Headingley Stadium, A Case Study

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Early Engagement and Offering The Optimal Glazing Solution To Meet The Specifications; Headingley Stadium, A Case Study
By Craig Walker


Project: Redevelopment of the Headingley Rugby Stadium

Architect: DLA Architecture

Canopy Glazing: 2mm clear SUNTUF® 140

Curtain Walls: 18mm white opal SUNPAL® with an aluminum C joiner

The Preliminary State of the Project

The architects at DLA Architecture, England reviewed previous stadia projects, which used Palram’s polycarbonate panel systems and other glazing materials. They reached the conclusion that Palram’s SUNPAL® standing seam system would provide the maximum protection and would withstand the high wind loads experienced at the Headingley Rugby Stadium in Leeds, England. Palram’s project support team was involved in the early planning stages. This early engagement led to the specification of the optimal selection of materials for the roof and sidewalls of the new canopy.

Palram’s Involvement in the Design Process

Palram’s engagement early in the design process made it possible to deliver the optimal product selection and installation solutions.

DLA Architecture had previous experience with polycarbonate multiwall sheets that use generic glazing bars. This option was considered in the early stages, but the expected uplift forces on the structure, due to wind loads, ruled that option out. There was concern that the sheets would fly out in the middle of a match.

The solution for the sidewalls was 18mm SUNPAL® system in opal colour, using aluminum C-joiners that provide a seam free exterior finish. These C-joiners lock the panels in place, making them an integral part of the wall’s structure. The diffused finish screens out the residential area while delivering soft, even lighting within the stadium.

 The C Joiner is an extruded aluminum profile used for reverse SUNPAL® installation that conceals the standing seam and creates a sleek exterior look. 

The canopy required a different solution. The existing 32-200 corrugated steel panels that covered the stands, cast a shadow on the spectators and parts of the pitch. The proposed solution was a matching corrugated SUNTUF® polycarbonate panel designed to integrate with the metal profile. This was installed on the leading edge, providing all the benefits of natural sunlight, along with full protection from rain, wind and harmful UV rays.

Using MetalMatch™ technology, SUNTUF corrugated polycarbonate sheets were designed to integrate with the local metal profiles.

The Installation Process

At the site, Palram UK’s technical team was involved during the installation phase. It is Palram’s standard practice that the installers follow the specific instructions and implement the system properly.

Installation took only a couple of weeks and was done perfectly, even though it was the first time the installers handled a Palram’s system. The construction team was pleased by the timely service, the efficiency, and how simple and easy it was to install both glazing systems. Palram’s total involvement enabled meeting or preceding deadlines, support of all downstream project activities and delivered a trustworthy glazing system.

Installation took only a couple of weeks and was done perfectly, even though it was the contractor’s first time handling a Palram’s system.

The Outcome

“I am very impressed with the technical support that we got from Palram throughout the implementation and installation stages. The simplicity of the design and how it was easily installed,” said Mike Masterson, BA dip Architects, RIBA. “I expect my suppliers to provide good technical service, to make sure the product arrives on time, and those requirements were definitely met by Palram. It took about a couple of months of going through the possible scenarios, but when we saw the product and got the samples we knew that this is what we wanted to use.” 


What is especially unique about the SUNPAL® façade system and SUNTUF® MetalMatch™ is not just its aesthetic values, but also its superior performance against wind loads and the efficiency and simplicity of the installation process. Palram’s team engaged in the technical and planning support right from the early stages of the project. Taylor-made customized sheets and components made it possible to deliver a unique solution for the special specifications. Palram’s architectural daylight systems enable planners and architects to realize their visions with elegance and performance.