How long does it take to return the investment in insulated skylight panels?

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How long does it take to return the investment in insulated skylight panels?
By Jonathan Hemsi

Many people wonder how they can integrate a skylight into their metal roofs, and whether the investment really pay off. The answer is yes!

Lighting plays a vital role in workers’ performance and attitude, and incorporating natural light has proven to be a smart move with a fast return on the investment.

Let’s examine a couple of cases:

Production hall, Haifa, Israel

This production hall used to be illuminated during the day with artificial lighting.

It took 60 projectors to light the work area during the day, as it is covered with industrial insulated panels.

The 3,000m² (32,300 ft²) hall includes production and logistical areas that operate 7 days a week and require full and uniformed lighting throughout the workday.

Project description:

 Structure typeProductioan hall
 Roofing systemIndustrial insulated panels
 SolutionSUNBOX factory assembled insulated skylights
 Light intensity before SUNBOX600 LUX

To introduce natural sunlight without losing the thermal insulation properties, SUNBOX insulated skylights were chosen:

10% of the roof area was replaced by the SUNBOX skylight system.  This led to a reduction in the electric bill of more thanUS$7,000 annually.

The $19,860 investment was returned within 32 months. The projected lifetime of the system is 20 years.


 Skylight area of the roof 10%
 Annual power saving US$7,165
 Cost of SUNBOX insulated skylights system US$19,860
 Light intensity with SUNBOX 1,100 Lux
 Period required for ROI 32 months

With its flexibility, the SUNBOX system fits a wide range of regional specifications, taking into account the corrugated roofing panels’ model, the level of light required, the desired insulation properties, the roof structure, and the given budget.

Above all, the environmentally friendly system enables financial savings and an improved work environment.

Complete ROI table

Storage warehouse, Mexico City, Mexico

This 5,500m² (59,200 ft²) warehouse was covered entirely with industrial insulated panels.

To introduce natural sunlight into the work area, a SUNBOX insulated skylights system was specified replacing 12% of the roof area.

Project description:

 Structure typeWarehouse
 Roofing systemIndustrial insulated panels
 SolutionSUNBOX Lite,  factory assembled insulated skylights
 Light intensity before SUNBOX550 LUX

Annual savings of more than US$10,000 led to a ROI within 26 months!


 Skylight area of the roof12%
 Annual power savingUS$10,175
 Cost of SUNBOX insulated skylights systemUS$23,650
 Light intensity with SUNBOX900Lux
 Period required for ROI27 months

It is clear that the use of natural lighting in industrial buildings is a feasible, efficient investment that pays off rapidly.

Complete ROI Table

Additional information about replacing insulated corrugate metal roof sections with SUNBOX Insulated skylight panels system can be viewed here.