SUNPAL Skylight at the Ringwood Aquanation Centre in Melbourne, Australia

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SUNPAL Skylight at the Ringwood Aquanation Centre in Melbourne, Australia
By Tamir Horesh
Swimmers in the recently completed Aquanation leisure facility in Melbourne are enjoying the design, natural light and thermal insulation provided by Palram’s Sunpal panels.

Meeting the Design Requirements

The plans for the Aquanation Centre were first conceived in 2012 by Peddle Thorpe Architects. The designer required a skylight solution that would provide natural light and UV protection, while meeting the Bauer Energy Optimization requirements by sealing the pool hall to maintain constant temperature with minimal air leakage and heat loss. The skylights were to be integrated in several parts of the building.

The main challenge was on the eastern elevations where the skylights had to be integrated into three types of curved roof deck finishes. Palram Australia offered the Sunpal multiwall system and worked with the designer for three years until completion of the project in 2015.

Palram’s Winning Proposition

The solution offered by Palram was Sunpal 18 mm white opal diffuser plus which provided the following benefits:

  • The Sunpal panels provide soft and even diffused light within the building area, while protecting the bathers from harmful UV. The use of natural light saves cost of artificial lighting.
  • Sunpal provides thermal insulation, thereby cutting costs for air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter.
  • The “plus” in Sunpal prevents reflective glare outside the facility.
  • To integrate the Sunpal into the curved roof finishes, Palram provided a specific spanbar rafter system with custom bracket design.

The Details

Product: Sunpal 18 mm white opal diffuser plus
Coverage: 1600 SQM