Five ways polycarbonate sheets improve safety & security

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Five ways polycarbonate sheets improve safety & security
By Palram Network

Polycarbonate sheets combine excellent mechanical, optical and thermal properties. For this reason they are used in a wide range of safety and security products: machinery & construction safety equipment, property safeguard and public barriers, bulletproof glazing, and more.

1# Property protection

Safeguarding your property is always a concern. Anti-burglary screens are not intended to be fail-safe, but to delay burglars to a point where they simply give up. Durability, light weight, transparency, and optional abrasion resistance, are some of the main advantages of using polycarbonate protective window glazing, safety screens and window bars. . Polycarbonate sheets are practically unbreakable! Verify that the polycarbonate product that you choose is abrasion resistant.

2# Bullet proof windows

Thanks to its unbeatable strength, its excellent optical properties, and its light weight, polycarbonate sheets are the preferred option for producing bullet proof windows.  30 times stronger than acrylic and 200 times stronger than glass, polycarbonate screens are virtually unbreakable.  Layered, laminated polycarbonate bulletproof sheets can withstand physical attacks and multi-shot ballistic assaults by absorbing impact energy without shattering or spalling.

Make sure your windscreen choice comply with these Ballistic and Forced Entry Ratings:

  • HPW-TP-0500.00:  Level B – ballistic material (9mm) 
    handgun level I – forced entry material
  • ASTM F1233-93:  38 Super handgun protection
  • UL 752 : Level 1 (9mm) protection
  • BS 5051 Part 1: 1988:  Level G0

3# Protective equipment

Anti-riot shields, helmets and face-shields are used for personal protection by athletes, mechanical equipment operators, and law enforcement units.

With excellent strength to weight ratio and easy-to-fabricate, polycarbonate sheets are used to manufacture a variety of protective devices.

4# Automobile and transportation security

Mass transportation facilities depend on high-performance materials for daily service and safety.  Lightweight polycarbonate sheets meet transportation industry requirements for flame, smoke, and toxicity specifications, as well as deliver long term performance and protection against security threats and vandalism.

Transparent, impact-resistant polycarbonate glazing is used in the transportation industry for high-impact windscreens and windows.

Demanding applications like rail and cable cars and heavy construction vehicles require abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheets with a surface coating that provides improved impact and abrasion resistance properties. This helps reduce maintenance and unplanned replacement.

Selective light transmitting tints can be integrated into polycarbonate sheets and can control the interior heat accumulation while making an efficient use of natural light.

5# Anti-Vandalism

Schools, bus stations, bank booths and prison facilities, often require transparent and protective surfaces to protect against vandalism. This is also relevant for homes and businesses in areas that are prone to strong winds and debris impact.

Abrasion-resistance treatment make polycarbonate sheets a perfect solution for safety glazing against vandalism and graffiti.

Read how PALGARD™  was used for Pedestrian Bridge Glazing in Denver, Colorado, USA

Range of products:

When considering which polycarbonate sheet for safety and security you need for your property, equipment, vehicle, or for your next engineering project, there are few things to consider:

  • Clarity and shading coefficients
  • Impact & abrasion resistance
  • Weather resistance
  • Weight reduction

Palram’s polycarbonate safety and security glazing range of products are practically unbreakable.

PALGARD abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet resists physical abuse and vandalism thanks to its protective coating against scratches and abrasion.

PALSHIELD bullet resistant and containment glazing, PALSUN flat solid polycarbonate sheets, and PALSHIELD bullet proof sheets are less than half the weight of glass, and are considerably easier and safer to install.

The above sheets can be provided in a wide range of colors to achieve the required transparency, light transmission, and overall look and feel.

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