A Sustainable Future for Print & Display

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A Sustainable Future for Print & Display
By Nachshon Steif - Product Manager, Print & Display Media and Industrial Plastics

Welcome to a world where innovation meets sustainability, and landfill waste becomes a thing of the past. In today’s blog post we discuss PALBOARD Terra – the groundbreaking solution that is set to make a difference in the print and display media industry. By incorporating climate positive UBQ™ with PVC, PALBOARD Terra paves the way for a sustainable future that not only enhances your brand’s visibility but also minimizes its environmental footprint. Join us as we dive into this game-changing technology and discover how it is transforming the way we create, communicate, and connect with our audiences.

Introduction to PALBOARD Terra: What is it?

PALBOARD Terra is a PVC Composite panel with Climate Positive UBQ. It is designed to be used in a wide variety of print and display applications, including advertising, point-of-sale displays, and trade show exhibits.
It is part of the Earth™ family of sustainable products by Palram, which contains plastic sheets made with non-polymer landfill-destined waste. PALBOARD Terra is exceptional because it is made from processed unsorted household waste diverted from landfills, combined with post-production recycled PVC. As a result, it has a smaller carbon footprint than other types of PVC foamboard.

PALBOARD Terra Composite Panel
PALBOARD Terra, The world’s first composite panel made with unsorted household waste, divert from landfills.

What makes PALBOARD with climate positive UBQ so special?

We all recycle our municipal waste. We dispose of plastic bottles, paper, and other types of trash in separate containers simplifying the recycling chain. But some of the trash we produce, such as organic and general waste, cannot be recycled and is destined for either landfills or incineration facilities. This is far from an ideal solution: incineration releases carbon dioxide, while landfill waste decomposition releases methane gas.

Here is where UBQ comes to the rescue: To make 1 ton of UBQ, 1.3 tons of unrecyclable trash are diverted and processed. This way, using UBQ prevents greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere. This 1 ton of UBQ prevents 11.7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. In the manufacturing process of PALBOARD Terra, each ton of the material replaces a ton of plastic material, reducing fossil fuel consumption.

The bottom line is that combining a climate-positive material with a climate-negative material produces a substrate with a smaller climate-impact. A real solution to the sustainability challenges of print, sign, and display plastics is PALBOARD Terra. By breaking down waste barriers, this innovative material has the potential to help create a more sustainable future for print and display media—and for our planet.

Technical Specifications & Capabilities

PALBOARD Terra is engineered for wide-format printing and mechanical fabrication. With an innovative manufacturing process, recycled PVC is combined with climate positive UBQ and virgin PVC material to create a highly durable composite panel. With this process PALBOARD Terra maintains PVC quality features: smooth uniform surface for wide format printing, structural rigidity, lightweight and low water absorption.
The resulting multilayered substrate is ideal for visual communication applications. PALBOARD Terra can be printed using any standard printing technology. It can be cut, routed, grooved, die-cut, glued, and laminated just like the other members of the PALBOARD family.

PALBOARD Terra Features and Benefits

Examples of Applications with PALBOARD Terra

Here are some examples of applications where PALBOARD Terra makes a difference:

• Retail Display: PALBOARD Terra is used by a major cosmetics retailer for sustainable retail display solutions. It is strong and durable, yet lightweight – suitable for shopfitting and visual communication design.

• Point-of-purchase displays: With its crisp white finish and clean printing surface, PALBOARD Terra is an ideal material for point-of-purchase displays. Its rigidity also makes it easy to assemble complex displays.

• Shelf talkers: Shelf talkers made with PALBOARD Terra help retailers communicate key product information to shoppers at the point-of-purchase. PALBOARD Terra can be printed on, allowing double-sided messages that grab attention.

• Exhibition booth design: PALBOARD Terra is a popular choice for exhibition booth design. Its lightweight yet rigid properties make it easy to construct booths with clean lines and modern appeal. It also provides superior printing capabilities for eye-catching graphics.

Design with PALBOARD Terra

Case Study: Examining the Impact of PALBOARD Terra in Practice

To truly understand the impact of PALBOARD Terra, one must examine how it is being used in practice. Case studies are an excellent way to do this. The following is an example of how implementing PALBOARD Terra brought significant results.

PLANETech World: The climate tech conference held in Tel Aviv in 2022 was the world’s first global event event built with PALBOARD Terra as the main print and display media for booth construction and pavilion design at the event. As a result, the organizers have decreased the event’s carbon footprint. At the end of the conference, all PALBOARD Terra scraps were returned to Palram for recycling. This is so the material can be reused to make new panels.

Future Vision for Sustainable Solutions in Print & Display Media

As the pressure to address environmental concerns and move towards sustainable practices increases, the print and display media industry is under pressure to find ways to reduce its environmental impact. One potential solution is PALBOARD Terra, an ecological alternative to conventional sign & display substrates, made with Climate Positive UBQ.
PALBOARD Terra is an attractive option for the print and display media industry. Its smooth uniform surfaces are an excellent substrate for wide format printing. Its foam, lightweight core is suitable for a variety of machine-fabrication processes, making it easy for product designers to realize their vision.
The introduction of PALBOARD Terra represents a major step forward in the move towards a more sustainable future for print and display media. As Palram expands the range of this innovative new material, we can expect a reduction in the environmental impact of the industry.

PALBOARD Terra Make a Difference

Join the Revolution with PALBOARD Terra:

Palram is proud to be at the forefront of sustainability with PALBOARD Terra. By incorporating this composite panel into your printing and display projects, you are not only elevating your designs but also making a tangible difference to our planet’s well-being.
Contact us to learn more about PALBOARD Terra and how it can revolutionize your printing and fabrication processes.