Crafting Narratives in 3D: PALBOARD Unleashed by Swiss Layercake Visionaries

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Crafting Narratives in 3D: PALBOARD Unleashed by Swiss Layercake Visionaries
By Nachshon Steif - Product Manager, Print & Display Media and Industrial Plastics

Layercake GmbH, a dynamic design studio nestled in Luzern, Switzerland, was co-founded by the visionary Rohner brothers, Diego and Mario. With a background in industrial design and visualization, these passionate entrepreneurs merge cutting-edge technologies with hands-on craftsmanship to breathe life into their imaginative creations.


Here are some of the beautiful displays they have created using PALBOARD multilayer composite.

Project 1: Corporate HQ Art Installation


Standing tall at 3 meters, this installation reinterprets Zünd’s new generation of high-performance cutters as soulful robots. Adorning the Zünd headquarters in Altstätten, it captivates employees and tech enthusiasts worldwide. Crafted from PALBOARD multilayer composite panels, digitally printed to perfection, the installation is a testament to innovation.

Watch the video and see how the BALBOARD display was built:

It is no surprise that Layercake relies on Zünd’s digital cutting systems to cut the many individual parts of this sculpture, and all of their other projects. “The process of creating a sculpture in CAD, cutting the individual parts digitally, and assembling the final product continues to fascinate us.” Says Mario Rohner, Layercake General Manager. “The Zünd cutters are true masters of precision, a skill that is extremely important to us so that our sculptures end up looking as perfect as they are.”

Project 2: National Campaign Scenography

Layercake Project

Collaborating with Suan Conceptual Design, Layercake devised a modular show that toured the nation, promoting recycling awareness. PALBOARD 3D formed a large, three-dimensional drill, collecting signatures from eco-conscious individuals. The material’s versatility shone through in this project for Sens eRecycling.

Project 3: Public Relations Anniversary Exhibition

Layercake Project

Celebrating a century of precision mechanics and optics with Hexagon Geosystems AG, Layercake, in partnership with Velvet Creative Office, curated an anniversary exhibition. Combining PALBOARD multilayer composite panels with clear PMMA, the exhibition encapsulated a century of innovative strength.

Watch the onsite assembly and the beautiful results in this video:

The Design Process: Creativity and Passion

Beginning with hand sketches, Diego and Mario delve into creative storytelling. These ideas transform into digital 3D designs, reflecting their love for impeccable craftsmanship. The result? 3D objects and figures that narrate compelling stories.

Layercake The Design Process

PALBOARD: A material for Every Need

Selecting materials based on mechanical qualities, durability, and weather resistance, Layercake found its ideal match in PALBOARD. As Mario summarizes: “This plastic composite panel, rich in recycled content, is versatile, durable, water-resistant, and perfect for our demanding uses. Precision in digital printing and recyclability at the end of its life cycle make PALBOARD the material of choice for us”.

Layercake Material for Every Need

Other Materials

For short-term indoor projects, Layercake occasionally ventures into materials like laminated corrugated cardboard. While offering flexibility and ease of use, it falls short of PALBOARD durability, strength, and versatility.

Layercake Other Materials

Elevating Craftsmanship with PALBOARD

Layercake’s designs push PALBOARD versatility to new heights, crafting 3D objects of diverse shapes. Their expertise in storytelling, professional design processes, and CNC-based processing ensures holistic results. From large-format scenic figures to captivating installations, Layercake’s designs inject innovation into events, marketing, and decorative projects.