The Magic of PALBOARD

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The Magic of PALBOARD
By Palram Network

The POP / POS Display manufacturers have some unique challenges to overcome when designing and producing for retail and trade show product displays, booths and structures where consumers interact hands-on with products and sales representatives.

Some of the common POP / POS sheets have layers, such as Aluminum Composite, plywood, coated styrene boards, honeycomb cardboard. They have their advantages and faults yet none is ‘Perfect’.

Palram’s solution to this dilemma is PALBOARD, the “one stop shop” Print & Display material which fully addresses both printers and display manufactures processing considerations and delivers a cost effective and structurally robust solution.

PALBOARD is an innovative “sandwich” layered sheet with hard, smooth surfaces and more than 50% recycled material and with minimal environmental footprint, developed to provide the combined structural qualities and advantages of rigid and foamed thermoplastic panels fused together.

PALBOARD presents: A view behind the scenes of producing amazing displays



 Print & Ink Adhesion 
PALBOARD has an extra smooth, uniform hard surface which provides digital and traditional printers with excellent ink adhesion and extended retention, even in humid or outdoor applications. Many plastic sheets (Polypropylene, Polystyrene, acrylic) and other materials such as Aluminum or wood exhibit either poor ink adhesion or short term print retention. In most cases for all the above it is necessary to add primer or perform a pre-treatment.
CNC Cutting & Routing 

PALBOARD recycled core is easy to fabricate while the hard surface sandwich formation provides high structural strength.

It can be easily V-Grooved and folded up to 90o.

The recycled core is lighter thus lowering costs and efforts of shipping and transportation.

Processing issues and concerns when using the following media for POP/POS systems:
Honeycomb cardboard & laminated Styrofoam sheets are easily damaged resulting in loss of material and labor.

Hands-on work:
Aluminum composite sheets: Difficult to work with (cut, rout, fold). Costly and time-consuming processing.  Considerable wear and tear on CNC cutting tables.

Wood sheets (plywood or fiberboards) require costly and time consuming preprocessing, adding to overall expenses and necessary work.

Durability & load bearing 
PALBOARD is the right material for long term / load bearing / versatile display stands and customer – marketing / sales interaction.

PALBOARD’s outer layers are smooth and solid. The entire sheet is water proof and resistant to a wide range of liquids, including chemicals, cosmetics, etc. Suitable for refrigeration and high humidity / wet displays.

PALBOARD 10 mm can support the same or greater loads than these alternatives:

* 6 mm (1/4”) MDF

Note: Can’t be printed on directly, requires pre- processing & painting

* 16 mm honeycomb cardboard.

Cardboard and paper laminated Styrofoam sheets are structurally weak, absorb humidity and are restricted to indoor use. Cleaning and maintenance are problematic.

The structural durability of Aluminum Composite sheets is negated by both material and production costs.

Exposure to humidity and liquids immediately and irreparably damages them. Sanitation and hygiene are severely affected as can only be cleaned by a dry cloth.

Application possibilities are severely limited for Plastic laminations are limited in the applications as ink adhesion and retention is very low.

Media Weight,  Handling & Transport  

PALBOARD weighs 50% of Aluminum composite boards, yet its material and structural specifications are the same and even higher.

PALBOARD’s reduced weight per sheet and assembled display allow printers and end users to easily transport, handle & assemble displays with considerable saving on shipping and labor costs.

Two PALBOARD Bonus Facts:

Due to superior mechanical and print attributes PALBOARD actually costs less to fabricate and construct with than the alternatives.

It also helps that PALBOARD is an ECO Friendly solution. Manufactured from recyclable materials and fully recyclable.

Cardboard and laminated Styrofoam sheets are easily  damaged during storage, transport & handling and during site rotation at the end user. This constitutes for considerable sheet and display depreciation and adds to costs while reducing effective usage per sheet and display.

Aluminum Composite sheets are twice the weight of PALBOARD. This limits the size of assembled unit handling and transport and requires additional manpower to handle the sheets themselves.

PALBOARD is ‘green’ & eco-friendly as well… And this is for real!

  • PALBOARD is a true Green & Eco-Friendly product.
  • More than 50% recycled material and minimal environmental footprint.
  • No toxic substances are released from PALBOARD sheets during their life cycle.
  • Complies with REACH standards EC 1907/2006.

PALBOARD POP for the ‘Doona’ Brand in a major parenting retail chain

The “Shilav Group” operates a chain of baby & kids goods stores. The company is a “one-stop shop” for baby needs. Currently Shilav has 70 outlets.

We chose PALBOARD instead of materials such as: wood, foam board or Aluminum Composite material because this raw material is very easy to use: digital printing, CNC routing, V-groove cutting, cold folding for 90°. Usually it takes a lot of time and scrap material to run all the required processes and print the display, but we were amazed by the great ink adhesion properties of the PALBOARD sheets during digital printing phase . We even started to offer it as an alternative for the aluminum composite material to other companies who want us to provide them with a unique and luxurious display

says Paz Shteinberg, Managing Director at “Clear Designs”.

”Clear Design” have built dozens of these displays and distributed them to all the Shilav stores in the chain.

Magic fills the work shop

Some pro tips on how to reach optimal results with PALBOARD


For V Groove MillingRouting, it is recommended to use a bit specified for bending applications. Such bits offer top angles of 90°, 120° or 135°.


For bending applications use up the 3, 5 & 10 mm PALBOARD sheets. The Bit with 90° produces rectangular bending with nearly no gaps. The 120° or 135° rounded tip bits produce acute angled bending of up to 90° with approx. 2 mm gap between the sides.

Practical tip:

Leave a reminder of 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm of the PALBOARD which must not be milled.


For MillingCuttingEngraving it is recommend to use a Single FluteTooth ‘UP Cut Bit’ (Left Hand Bit).

The recommend cutting diameter (d) is 4 mm; the Length of cut (l) is 12 mm.

Now you can create your own magic with PALBOARD!!!