What’s the best media for your Sign & Display application?

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What’s the best media for your Sign & Display application?
By Palram Network

A comparison between Polycarbonate, PVC, Acrylic & PETG

Learn how to pick the clear media that is most suitable for your Sign & Display application.

Polycarbonate, PVC, Acrylic & PETG are all clear rigid media widely used with Sign & Display applications, for printing, display units, signage, etc. Although they are all clear and look alike, they vary in other physical properties that affect a lot their fit for different applications. Critical parameters like their ink adhesion, compatibility with laser cuts, labeling adherence, impact resistance, etc.

The below diagram reviews the critical criteria for printers, sign makers and display units manufacturers, from an application perspective. Further down the page, this diagram is backed up by lab test results. 

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