A combination of tailor-made vault-roofing system and standing seam system for the facades.

The architect’s vision for the atrium skylights at the new Lucknow mall in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, included an oval vault arched in multiple directions. The engineering team at Palram’s projects support center worked with the local architects on the drawings of the skylight and the façade circumference, providing a comprehensive solution using 20mm Solar Ice SUNLITE® multiwall sheets for the domes and a matching color 18mm SUNPAL® multiwall standing seam system for the facades. The SUNLITE vault-roofing system was designed using tailor made aluminum profiles and triple-legged gaskets to provide a watertight system: BANG – We got the job done! A color matched SUNPAL® system was used for the vertical façade just under the vault shaped skylights.


  • Architect: Phoenix Market City (In-house Architecture Team).
  • Product 1 : SUNLITE System (V Structure) 20mm, Solar Ice (2800 Sqm , 14 MT) – Used as Skylight for two elliptical dome atriums.
  • Product 2: SUNPAL System  18/1000 Solar Ice (800 Sqm, 2.5 MT) – Used as a ‘Wall Façade’, just under the Skylight Dome.
  • Application Type: Skylight – Shopping Mall.
  • Total Product Usage: 3600 Sqm, 16.5 MT.