The Standing Seam Polycarbonate Roofing System at the Garruankilla Farmer’s Market

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The Standing Seam Polycarbonate Roofing System at the Garruankilla Farmer’s Market
By Tamir Horesh

As part of the Ennis Market Rejuvenation Project in County Clare Ireland, which aims to modernize the town’s market, the P. Coleman & Associates architectural firm was hired to design the Garraunkilla Farmers Market, an indoor market with a transparent roof. The designers of the project wanted the market to feel open, so that the people walking around felt that they were in an outdoor market, with nothing but the sky above them.

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To achieve this effect, the roof had to be made of a transparent material. Their first choice was glass, which presented a number of concerns including the heavy rains and hailstorms in the region, installation considerations, and design limitations. The designers wanted a curved roof, but chose a flat roof design to avoid the process of pre-forming the glass.

When P. Coleman & Associates approached Palram for consultation in the early project stages, they were given a simple solution — SUNGLAZE, a standing seam polycarbonate roofing system which transmits around the same amount of light into a building as glass does. SUNGLAZE comes as a full kit of glazed roofing, is leak-proof, and offers a built-in solution for expanding and contracting.

This durable solution offers high impact resistance against hail, offers ease of installation, and requires very little maintenance. Using SUNGLAZE enabled the use of continuous sheets with a double curve, effectively creating the architects’ final design of an aesthetically pleasing curved rooftop.

Since its completion in 2017, the market’s standing seam polycarbonate roofing system is making the thousands of people walking underneath it, look up. Read more about how the Palram team supported P. Coleman & Associates in finding the optimal solution.