Enjoy the Rain: The Quiet Comfort of SUNTUF Beehive Roofing

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Enjoy the Rain: The Quiet Comfort of SUNTUF Beehive Roofing
By Bat Chen Grayevsky - Outdoor Roofing Product Manager

Polycarbonate roofing can turn outdoor spaces into cozy retreats. Watching the rain while sitting under a garden canopy can be a soothing and welcome sight. However, the pitter-patter of raindrops on a patio roof can sometimes disrupt this tranquility, creating more noise than calm. Thankfully, there’s an ideal solution: a quiet polycarbonate canopy roofing that significantly reduces the sound of rain. Introducing SUNTUF Beehive!

What is SUNTUF Beehive?

SUNTUF Beehive is a popular choice for outdoor canopy roofing. Even if you aren’t familiar with its name, you’ve likely seen it around your neighborhood. This high-performance roofing is made of 2.8mm thick solid polycarbonate, resistant to breakage even in the most violent hailstorms. It boasts a range of impressive features: UV protection, resistance to extreme temperatures, durability, structural strength, and longevity. These qualities make SUNTUF Beehive the go-to roofing material for garden canopies, patio covers, sheds, and various other applications.

What Makes SUNTUF Beehive Unique?

While there are many types of polycarbonate roofing sheets available, SUNTUF Beehive stands out for its advanced upgrades and unique enhancements. It features an anti-glare prismatic surface, SolarSmart colors that minimize heat build-up, and—most importantly—the ability to reduce noise from rain and hail impact

Who Uses SUNTUF Beehive?

In a survey of roofing professionals who work on outdoor canopies and home improvement projects daily, 80% preferred SUNTUF Beehive corrugated sheets. While some professionals might opt for SUNLITE DIY multiwall sheets for their thickness (thicker sheets produce less noise), SUNTUF Beehive offers a quieter experience along with superior impact resistance and strength that multiwall polycarbonate panels don’t provide.

When to Use SUNTUF Beehive?

Stormy weather can be a challenge, but SUNTUF Beehive is designed to handle it. This roofing solution is not only resilient to high wind loads and impact but also excels at reducing the noise of rain and hail. It’s no wonder it’s often called “the quietest SUNTUF.”

Where to Use SUNTUF Beehive?

Beehive is versatile and extends beyond garden shelters and lean-to pergolas. You’ll find it in restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating areas, private pool covers, carport roofing, school canopies, and more. It comes in a variety of colors, allowing for tailored designs to meet customer requirements.

How to Install SUNTUF Beehive?

Installation of SUNTUF Beehive is straightforward. With basic equipment and some DIY skills, you can even build your own SUNTUF Beehive patio cover without needing a professional.


SUNTUF Beehive Availability

SUNTUF Beehive is available in a variety of colors, in 2.8mm thickness and 1045mm width. With a complete set of fixing accessories, including a universal ridge cap, head and side wall trim, foamed polyethylene sealing strips, and solid closure strips, every installation is precise and fully adjustable.

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SUNTUF Beehive is the perfect roofing solution for those who want to enjoy the rain without the accompanying noise. Its combination of durability, noise reduction, and aesthetic appeal makes it ideal for a variety of outdoor applications. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, SUNTUF Beehive offers a practical, high-quality roofing option that enhances your outdoor experience.