Polycarbonate Pool Enclosures for a Comfortable and Safe Summer

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Polycarbonate Pool Enclosures for a Comfortable and Safe Summer
By Nachshon Steif - Residential Products Specialist

Your backyard pool is the perfect place to cool off in the summer. If you want to enjoy your backyard pool year-round, building a polycarbonate pool enclosure is the right choice.
Let’s talk about why polycarbonate pool enclosures are ideal for summer:

Don’t worry about sunscreen.

Summer weather can be brutal. But applying sunscreen takes up precious pool time! Instead, just head to your enclosed backyard pool and jump right in. No sunscreen necessary! In fact, not using sunscreen cuts down on the filtering and oils in your pool.
Polycarbonate sheets block ultraviolet radiation, so you’re protected from UV Rays. This means you can spend long summer days in your backyard pool without worrying about getting a sunburn. Staying safe and still having fun is something to celebrate.

Palram sun-safe poolside canopy
A sun-safe poolside canopy is essential, even if it only covers a small area.

Is it raining? Time to swim!

Your pool party is all set up, and then it starts raining? We’ve got you covered, so don’t let a little rain ruin your plans. Polycarbonate pool enclosures keeps the rain out, so you can keep the fun going, no matter the weather. Leak-safe solutions allow you to enjoy your pool and backyard in comfort and style, no matter what the weather brings. Whether you have a backyard pool or a swim spa, we have the solution you need. Use SUNPAL or SUNGLAZE panel systems for best leak-proof performance.

leak-proof SUNPAL pool cover
Its leak-proof design makes SUNPAL panels an ideal choice for backyard pools.

No icky seaweed or underwater creatures.

Do your kids get scared when they touch seaweed or fish at the beach? Indoor pools don’t have that. Bugs, frogs, leaves, and other debris can’t get into your pool with a polycarbonate enclosure. Cleaning won’t be a problem. More free time for you to enjoy your pool.

Great for babies!

When it’s HOT outside, it’s easy to become concerned if the little ones are overheating or getting uncomfortable. You won’t need to worry if you swim indoors. Plus, you don’t have to drag rash guards, sunscreen, and hats to the pool. SolarSmart heat-reflecting polycarbonate roof panels let natural light in while blocking infrared radiation. This technology is ideal to prevent your enclosed backyard pool from overheating. Keep the pool area cool and create a pleasant and relaxing ambiance for all to enjoy.

enclosure for your outdoor pool
Build a child-safe enclosure for your outdoor pool.

Water is always the right temperature.

As Boromir son of Denethor put it, one does not simply walk into an open backyard pool. Cold water takes some getting used to. Polycarbonate pool covers will help you keep your pool area and the water warm. This also reduces the amount of energy you need to heat your pool.
Ensure that your pool enclosure contractors design the roof with windows or hatches that let air in. It’ll keep your pool area cool even on hot days. Building a polycarbonate pool enclosure lets you enjoy your pool in any weather. Use SUNLITE DIY multiwall polycarbonate roofing for the most effective thermal performance.

Enclosing your pool
Enclosing your pool lets you enjoy it in any weather.

You are not on display.

Sitting in your backyard pool, you might feel like all eyes are on you, or worry that your belongings are exposed. It can take away from your peace and relaxation.
Make your backyard pool more private and secure with polycarbonate covers.
You’ll have a private space for lounging by the pool or splashing with friends. No worries about prying eyes or theft.

Don’t let shade get in the way of your pool fun!

Having too much shade can make it difficult for you to enjoy your time in the pool area.
You might find yourself sitting in the dark rather than enjoying the sunshine if you use the wrong roofing material for your pool roof.
One of the main benefits of polycarbonate pool covers is that they let in natural light.
Your pool area will remain bright and well-lit even on cloudy days.
A customized polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure will help you maintain an open and airy feel. You’ll love SUNTUF Beehive all-day comfort, diffused light, and reduced glare.

Build outdoor enclosure
Build a well-lit enclosure for your outdoor pool.

No worries about safety or maintenance.

Pool roofing materials aren’t all easy to maintain. Glass, for instance, can be fragile and might not provide the level of safety you want. This is one of the reasons pool builders tend to stay away from it. Screens are prone to yellowing or fading and need to be replaced frequently.
You’ll feel secure with polycarbonate pool enclosures. It’s the perfect combination of durability, strength, and low maintenance.
They’re resistant to impact and weather, so you won’t have to worry about shattering or degradation. An occasional rinse will keep them looking new. Some of the easiest roofing panels to install are also the easiest to maintain.

Enjoy swimming all year round!

Building a polycarbonate pool enclosure lets you enjoy your pool in any weather.
Safety, durability, and efficiency make polycarbonate an ideal pool cover option.
Get in touch with your local Palram representative today. We’ll help you pick the right product for your pool enclosure or swim spa.