Keep Your Car Looking New: How a Polycarbonate Roofed Carport Can Help

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Keep Your Car Looking New: How a Polycarbonate Roofed Carport Can Help
By Nachshon Steif - Residential Products Specialist

The feeling of finding a scratch or a dent in your car’s paintwork is awful. It’s difficult to fix damage once it’s done. Covering your driveway is a very effective prevention measure. In this article, we’ll look at ways to keep your car looking fresh, and help you pick a durable and practical carport roof.

Polycarbonate Roofed Carport

Car Paint Damage: Cause and Prevention

Here are some common causes of car paint damage and how a carport with polycarbonate roofing can prevent them:

Bird droppings:
Bird poop is the number one enemy of car paint. Its acidic substances eat away at the paint, and somehow, birds always aim for freshly painted cars. A carport with polycarbonate roofing can provide shade and shelter for your car, reducing the chance of bird droppings falling on it.

Getting too much sun:
Just like our skin, your car’s paint job is vulnerable to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Constant exposure can cause paint to fade, crack, and peel over time. A carport with polycarbonate roofing blocks UV rays, protecting your car’s paint from damage.

Stormy weather:
Weather can cause damage to your car’s paint, especially if parked outside for long periods of time. A carport with polycarbonate roofing can protect your car from rain and snow, keeping it dry and preventing rust and corrosion.

For people living in colder climates, this is a common problem. If snow sits on your car, it hardens, and that ice can damage your paint. Brushing the ice off your car is one option but keeping it under a carport roof is the most effective solution.

Dust and debris:
It’s easy for dust and debris to damage car paint, especially if you leave them on it for too long. A carport with polycarbonate roofing can provide a barrier between your car and dust and debris, keeping it clean and protected.

The human factor:
Cars get scratched all the time by passersby. It’s usually not even intentional vandalism.
By installing a roofed carport, you create a protective barrier around your car. It is an effective measure against accidental scratches and scuffs.

What’s The Most Suitable Polycarbonate Roof for a Carport?

In general, polycarbonate is a durable material that stands the test of time. With the variety of options offered by Palram, everyone can experiment with different designs and fit them to the area and structure.

Keep in mind that not all polycarbonate roofing options are the same.

For lightweight frames, SUNTUF DIY and SUNLITE DIY polycarbonate are both excellent choices. They’re also very flexible, so they’re suitable for curved or arched roofs. Thicker solid polycarbonate roof products, like SUNTUF Beehive or EZ Glaze panels, resist impact better.

Including SUNPAL and SUNGLAZE in your project will give it a clean and modern look. Such panel systems provide improved durability, and watertight performance.

Polycarbonate Carport Roofing


Life happens, and your car’s paint can get damaged. It’s still possible to make sure that your paint job stays bright and shiny for a long time. Getting a durable and practical carport roof is easy. Get in touch with your local Palram representative.
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