Tailormade Polycarbonate Solutions for your Roofing Design Challenges

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Tailormade Polycarbonate Solutions for your Roofing Design Challenges
By Craig Walker

With more than 26 years of experience in the UK market, we’ve built up a strong team of 250 employees, introduced dozens of versatile roofing solutions, and carried out hundreds of projects. Our focus always remains the same, building up a one-to-one relationship with each of our clients.

No matter what polycarbonate products and roofing systems you need — whether it’s for a major commercial or public building or a private home — our team will be with you from the planning stage through to installation and aftersales service. We’re there to make sure we address your specific design challenges so you can reach your desired outcome.

The Palram UK Way

Free consultation

We offer our clients free consultation at the start of every project to help you make the right design choices. Together, we identify the challenges and then work on finding the smartest, most cost-effective way of applying our polycarbonate solutions —which can sometimes change the entire look of a project.

When the designers of an indoor market in Ennis, Ireland, approached us for consultation, they felt they had to give up their vision of a curved transparent roof because the material they had originally chosen (glass) was too heavy and could not be formed on-site according to their original design. As a solution, we offered SUNGLAZE, a transparent standing seam polycarbonate roofing system which can be cold-curved on site. Using SUNGLAZE enabled the designers to stick to their original design without compromising.

Planning and fabrication

After we agree with our clients on the optimal solution we get to work. We design, fabricate and adapt our polycarbonate solutions according to the project’s agreed-upon specifications. When needed, we design and manufacture custom details to support a project’s specification, or fit into a given structure or design. We custom manufacture the sheets to specific measurements or colours. We help architects and designers control the UV levels and thermal insulation under the roof. Our products are manufactured in the UK in our two factories: Palram DPL in Newton Aycliffe and Palram Polycarb in Doncaster.

Sometimes the challenge is not only in the design, but also in logistics and shipping. Post-fabrication, we meticulously label each panel to ensure fast, easy and accurate installation This method proved to be especially helpful when we fabricated and shipped 4,251 individually-sized and shaped polycarbonate panels for the new roof of Dublin’s Aviva Stadium.


All of our polycarbonate products are designed to be user-friendly and adaptable. We make every effort to simplify installation, using our knowledge and experience to apply our solutions on the ground in the best manner possible. When required, we send a technical team to train the roofers, and/or supervise the installation.

As part of a massive renovation project to the Headingly Stadium in Leeds, we were tasked with the job of replacing the stadium’s old steel stand-covers with new translucent covers that would allow as much natural light as possible into the playing field while also protecting spectators from heavy rain and wind.

For the roof, we chose SUNTUF, a corrugated polycarbonate sheet; for the wall, we chose SUNPAL, a multiwall polycarbonate panel system. We knew that by using the aluminum C-joiner installation method, we could achieve a seamless exterior, and the end result speaks for itself.

When replacing a leaking glass roof at the Warriner School in Banbury with our SUNGLAZE standing-seam panel and glazing system, we installed the sheet as one piece, thereby eliminating the need for joint details — making the installation of the roof easier and reducing the chances of future leaking.

After sales service

Our relationship with our clients continues long after the project is completed. Our dedicated UK team, which includes designers, engineers, customer support representatives and marketing consultants, is available at any time. After installation, should a question or issue arise, we’ll be there to provide the solution.

Looking to the future

As Palram UK continues to grow, we stay committed to our goal of providing you with more than products or systems — we offer you comprehensive service, from the planning stage to after installation. Whatever the problem, our team will work with you to develop the right solution.