Polycarbonate Glazing

Polycarbonate glazing material has become a preferred choice for architects and building owners when considering glazing solutions. It is half the weight of glass, and over 250 times stronger, while maintaining a roughly equal optical transparency. Lightweight polycarbonate glazing solutions are easy to handle and install. This speeds construction, allowing complicated building facades to come in on time and under budget. Lastly, polycarbonate can be curved, formed, and fabricated into nearly any geometric configuration that a designer might imagine.

a wide range of glazing solutions

  • Palram offers a wide range of polycarbonate glazing solutions, including PALSUN™, PALGLAS™, PALGARD™, SUNGLAZE™, SUNLITE™, and SUNPAL™. Some of these panels can be cut to accommodate specific designs. Others are part of a flexible leak-proof standing seam system that can provide full coverage for both roofs and facades. Where other requirements are specified, such as thermal insulation, acoustic attenuation, light transmission, impact resistance, or bullet resistance, our technicians can create custom glazing solutions.

a wide range of glazing solutions

polycarbonate glazing panels and system