The virtually unbreakable, waterproof solution to leaky panels – the SUNGLAZE™ Roofing System

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The virtually unbreakable, waterproof solution to leaky panels – the SUNGLAZE™ Roofing System
By Phil Lahr, Business Unit Manager - Architectural Projects

One community’s decision to research alternatives to glass to replace failing walkway coverings lead them to a long-lasting, UV filtering, unbreakable, waterproof solution – The SUNGLAZE Architectural Roofing System.

The Florida Riverview HOA chose Palram’s premiere polycarbonate standing-seam panel and glazing system to replace approximately 1,400 square feet of failing walkway coverings. When the gasketed glass walkway coverings began to leak at the joints, water caused the wooden structure to rot, creating an unsightly and potentially dangerous situation. 


On Florida’s East Coast, it’s common for condominiums to connect multiple buildings with outdoor walkways. When walkway ceilings are made with gasketed systems involving glass panels and wooden structural components, it’s common for the seals to wear out over time and begin to leak at the joints. 

The Problem

At the Riverview condos in Vero Beach, Florida, water infiltrated the wood structures, and the sun’s magnifying effects accelerated rot and water damage creating a very undesirable living environment, both physically and aesthetically.

The Solution

A SUNGLAZE polycarbonate standing seam panel and glazing system was chosen to replace the failing glass walkway roof. Building owners decided to use the polycarbonate system over a glass replacement for several reasons:


Polycarbonate weighs significantly less than glass, which allowed the rotting wooden structure to be replaced with modern, high-end aluminum supports. 


The gasket-less design of SUNGLAZE prevents leaks from occurring in the first place by eliminating the need for a gasket, a common failure point.


Polycarbonate was much less expensive than glass, installed easier and quicker, and allowed for on-site modifications.

Additionally, the walkway’s location on the second story subjected it to high wind loads, and the hot Florida sun demanded tinting to keep residents cool. 

Addressing the Challenge

Meeting these design challenges head on, Palram carefully measured and delivered a polycarbonate system with multiple angles and cuts for a completely leak-proof walkway. Rather than a tint or film, which could distort residents’ views, Palram applied a through-and-through color option on the panels, maintaining that perfect Florida view. Finally, the panel system was chosen for its co-extruded UV protection, which preserves the panel life and helps to protect residents from damaging UV rays as they walk between buildings. 

Wrapping Up

The SUNGLAZE polycarbonate system maintained the building’s existing aesthetic while offering residents inherent UV protection. Residents and building owners could enjoy the look of an elegant glass covered space at a fraction of the cost of glass, and the unique system design meant that the entire system was warranted not to leak. Thanks to co-extruded UV protection, the system will maintain its elegant look for years to come.

About Palram Americas

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