Chemical Resistant Corrugated PVC for Agricultural Interior Cladding

Brighten the interior of structures and simplify maintenance. AG-TUF corrugated PVC liner panels are used to clad the interiors of agricultural and light industrial structures. From hog barns, dairy sheds, and poultry houses, to car washes, chemical processing plants, and fertilizer storage facilities, AG-TUF offers extended service in challenging environments.

In addition to AG-TUF for interior cladding, AG-TUF UV is available for outdoor applications and corrosive environments. Resistant to harsh chemicals, our panels can be frequently cleaned to facilitate maximum sanitary maintenance without premature wear and tear. AG-TUF panels are also easy to install and maintain while preserving an attractive glossy appearance for years.


Brighten your structure’s interior and simplify maintenance with the easy-to-install, corrosion-free AG-TUF.

High chemical resistance

Easy cleaning & maintenance

Impact resistant 

Glossy white finish

Fire resistant

Lightweight & easy to install

10 year warranty for AG-TUF

5 year warranty for AG-TUF UV


  • Animal confinement structures

  • Warehouses

  • Dairy parlors

  • Ceiling liner panels

  • Food processing facilities

  • Barns and loafing sheds

  • Car washes

  • Poultry barns

Product Details

  • Dimensions
  • Colors
  • Technical Data


SpecificationAg-tufAg-tuf 9Ag-tuf UV
Width (in.)383838
Length(s) 10'2", 12'2", 14'2", 16'4", 20'4"12'2", 20'4"12'2", 16'4", 20'4"
Thickness (in.)0.0320.0320.039

Special Order:

Width (in.)From 26" to 47.9"
Length(s)Up to 242"
Thickness (in.)Up to 0.051"

*Special Orders available, but subject to surcharge and/or minimum order requirements.

ColorsBright white, Dark Grey*

*Special Orders available, but subject to surcharge and/or minimum order requirements.

Technical Data


ASTM D365-74CC1
ASTM E84-01Class A
CAN/ULC S102.2-07Flame Spread <25 , Smoke Developed <450

*May not apply to all thicknesses 

Canadian National Building Code Compliance

Palram has successfully completed the evaluation process to verify that its AG-TUF corrugated PVC liner panels meet the requirements of the National Farm Building Code (NFBC) 1995. The Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) conducted the tests and issued Evaluation Report #13581-R, specifically relating to wall liner applications in agricultural buildings. The 1995 NFBC provides relaxations of the requirements in the National Building Code (NBC) to address the particular needs of farm buildings. This is a required approval for sales of construction materials in the Canadian agricultural market.


Agricultural environments such as barns, pigpens, hen houses, dairies, and stables can present multiple challenges for any interior lining or cladding material. Gases such as ammonia and hydrogen are common in livestock feeding or housing environments, and they are the source of quick and widespread rust and corrosion for metal. This corrosion results in high maintenance and replacement costs. AG-TUF sheets offer a corrosion-free and chemical-resistant alternative that provides farmers with years of low cost, low maintenance, and greater hygiene.

Industrial environments such as mining and chemical processing plants create dust and ash that, when combined with mist, rain, and perhaps even saltwater, coat the roofing with a layer of sentiment that is highly corrosive to metals. AG-TUF liner panels are virtually maintenance free and endure a wide variety of gases and chemicals for the lifespan of the panel—and under the harshest conditions.

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