Long-lasting polycarbonate panels for commercial greenhouses & garden centers

THERMAGLAS was designed specifically to meet the needs of the horticultural market. All products are manufactured with a multiwall polycarbonate structure which offers rigidity, durability, and excellent thermal insulation. The panels are lightweight, easy to install and provide both weather and UV protection.
The standard THERMAGLAS panel is engineered with proprietary condensate control technology that helps maximize light transmission by minimizing condensation droplet formation that would otherwise reflect valuable sunlight. And, by reducing or eliminating condensate drip, it also helps prevent various moisture-related diseases in crops, improving your crop quality and yield.
For crops requiring light deprivation, THERMAGLAS Opaque is a unique solution which ensures 0% light transmission, yet allows for high reflectance for interior lighting. It’s co-extruded with a reflective gloss white exterior and black thermal-regulating interior.


Optimal solar heat gain

Virtually unbreakable

Superb thermal insulation

Built-in condensation control

Lightweight & easy to install

High weatherability & UV resistance

Low flammability (CC1 rating available)

Rigid but can be cold-formed to an arch

10-year limited warranty

Thermaglas Options

  • therma glas being used inside lowes nursery

    Built-in condensation control for commercial greenhouse applications.

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    THERMAGLAS multiwall polycarbonate offers the same light transmission, rigidity, durability, insulation, and co-extruded UV protection as standard SUNLITE, and features built-in condensation control.

    By reducing condensate drip, moisture-related diseases are minimized, improving your crop quality and yield.

    Typically used for gable-peak, arch, and most gothic arch style structures; as well as retrofit glass, polyfilm, and fiberglass-covered structures. It’s an excellent solution for applications as diverse as production, propagation, holding areas, and retail garden centers.

    Typical applications:

    • Commercial greenhouses
    • Retail garden centers
    • Packing & holding areas
    • Swimming pool enclosures
    • Propagation areas

    100% opaque panels for light deprivation applications.

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    Thermaglas Opaque

    THERMAGLAS Opaque is a 100% opaque multiwall polycarbonate panel engineered for crops or species requiring complete light deprivation, or for applications requiring security against visibility from outside the structure.
    With a highly reflective, white outer skin and a black core, THERMAGLAS Opaque ensures 0% light transmission, yet allows for high reflectance for interior lighting. Its multiwall design offers insulation to help maintain consistent temperatures inside your structure.

    THERMAGLAS Opaque is a durable solution for specialty greenhouses, aquaculture applications, packing /holding areas, and indoor grow operations.


    • White exterior to reflect interior lighting
    • Black interior channels help ensure 0% light transmission
    • Available in 72″ widths, other widths available upon request
    • 10 year warranty for blocking sunlight
    • Wide service temperature range: -40° F to +212° F (-40° C to +120° C)




SolarSmart is designed to reflect heat from the sun (IR radiation) while transmitting valuable PAR light for plant growth. The result is high light diffusion and reduced heat within the greenhouse, providing an ideal growing environment and a more comfortable environment for retail customers and greenhouse workers.

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  • Light Deprivation for Cannabis Cultivation

    Opaque walls are desirable for security and discretion, as well as for light deprivation control.

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Where can I purchase Thermaglas panels?

Our master distribution partner and converter, Green-Tek, manages all facets of the Thermaglas product line, including marketing, sales, warehousing, cutting, and logistics for full-size master-length sheets.

5560 E Buss Road, Clinton, WI 53525
Local Phone #: 608.754.7336
Toll Free Phone #: 800.747.6440