Opaque Partitions and Dividers

Opaque Partitions and Signage Materials

Due to the immediate need for privacy partitions, chemical-resistant wall cladding, and instructional signage, opaque plastic products are in high demand.

Luckily - PVC is inherently bacteria and mold-resistant, and Palram's PVC products are lightweight, easy to install (some are self-supporting), and simple to clean and disinfect. As businesses reopen, our foam PVC and multilayer PVC are excellent for signs and displays.

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Opaque Partitions and Cladding

Palram offers a wide array of opaque panels and sheets used for wall cladding, non-see-through dividers, and more.

  • Easy installation, cleaning, and sanitization
  • Resistant to water, chemicals, and gases from animal waste
  • Class-A Fire Rated
  • Variety of panel lengths

For the fully antimicrobial wall cladding system, see PALCLAD PRO HYG.

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Opaque Partitions and Cladding

Signage and Displays

Palram offers both foam PVC and multilayer PVC sheets for fabricating instructional signs and custom displays.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent ink adhesion for easy printing
  • Standard protective film
  • High fire resistance

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Signage and Displays