Transparent PVC Sheet for Industrial Applications

PALCLEAR IND PVC Sheets are used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial environments including retail stores, healthcare facilities, food service/processing, and manufacturing plants.

These sheets have excellent fire and impact resistance, can be thermoformed, joined with mechanical fasteners, and are easily fabricated using conventional tools.

PALCLEAR IND withstands many chemical agents and industrial cleaners/sanitizers, unlike acrylic and polycarbonate. Plus, PALCLEAR IND has protective film on both sides to help keep it clean and scratch-free during installation.

For the Water-Clear PVC Sheets, see PALCLEAR®.

Exceptional Impact Resistance

PALCLEAR IND offers a wider choice to fabricators for components and fabricated parts, and has significantly better impact resistance than acrylic and polystyrene sheets.

The graph to the left compares the impact strength of PALCLEAR IND to Acrylic under a temperature of approximately 73°F.

Exceptional Impact Resistance

Product Details


48" X 96"


0.118" - 0.236" (3mm - 6mm)



*Other dimensions are available upon request with minimum order requirements.

Physical Properties

Property Conditions**
Method*Units - Metric
Value - Metric
(U.S. Customary)**
Density D-1505g/cm³ (lb/ft³) 1.35-1.4 (84-87)
Water Absorption 24 hr. @ 23°C (73°F) D-570 % 0.03
Tensile strength at yield 10 mm/min (0.4 in./min) D-638 MPa (psi) 71 (10,300)
Tensile strength at break 10 mm/min (0.4 in./min) D-638 MPa (psi) 39 (5,650)
Elongation at yield 10 mm/min (0.4 in./min) D-638 % 3
Elongation at break 10 mm/min (0.4 in./min) D-638 % 95
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity 1 mm/min (0.052 in. /min) D-638 MPa (psi) 3100 (450,000)
Flexural Modulus 1 mm/min (0.052 in. /min) D-790 MPa (psi) 3200 (464,000)
Flexural Strength at Yield 1 mm/min (0.052 in. /min) D-790 MPa (psi) 103 (14,900)
Notch Impact Strength Izod23°C (73°F) D-256 J (ft·lbf) 35 (0.65)
Notch Impact Strength Charpy 23°C (73°F) D-256 J/m (ft·lbf/in) 25 (0.48)
Impact Falling Weight 3 mm (0.118 in.) Sheet ISO-6603/1dJ (ft·lbf) 95 (70)
HardnessD-785Rockwell R Scale Shore115
Shore DD Scale80
Long Term Service Temperature 0 to +50 (32 to 122)
Heat Deflection Temperature Load: 1.82 Mpa (264 psi) D-648 °C (°F) 62 to 65 (144 to 150)
Vicat Softening Temperature Load: 1 kg (2.2 lb) D-1525 °C (°F) 86 (185)
Coefficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionD-696 °C (°F) 6.7x10-5 (3.7x10-5)
Thermal Conductivity C-177 W/m°K0.11 (1.05)
Light Transmission 3 mm (0.118 in.) Water-Clear Sheet D-1003 % 82
Yellowness Index 3 mm (0.118 in.) Water-Clear Sheet D-1925 <4
Refractive Index3 mm (0.118 in.) Water-Clear Sheet D-5421.5
Dielectric Constant 50 Hz D-150 4
Dielectric Constant 1 MHz D-150 3
Dielectric Strength500 V/s D-149 kV/mm (V/mil) >50
Surface Resistance Keithley D-257 Ohm 3.7x1014
Volume Resistance Keithley D-257 Ohm-cm (Ohm-in)1.2x1015


*ASTM except where noted otherwise


**Conditions, units, and values in U.S. Customary units are presented in the table within parentheses


Standard Classification*
DIN 4102B-1
BS 476/7Class 1
NSP 92501,5M-1, M-2
EC 695.2.1Self-extinguishing
CSE RF 3/77Class 1
UL 94V-0


* Depends on thickness, color and type.