Versatile, functional standing-seam glazing system

SUNPAL is an advanced multiwall polycarbonate panel system that enables architects to incorporate natural light, thermal insulation, and structural strength into skylights, facades, and flat or curved roof designs.

Engineered to be lightweight and leak-proof, withstand very high loads, and accommodate thermal expansion and contraction, SUNPAL is ideal for long-term use in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.
SUNPAL is an architecturally specified system that is not stocked in retail locations. If you are an architect, engineer, designer or commercial builder please contact Palram for information, design assistance, and path to purchase.


Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate

Leakproof performance

Allows for expansion & contraction, high thermal insulation

Easy install & maintenance

Beautiful, glass-like appearence

Ideal for curved designs

Double-sided UV protection

10-year warranty for light, color, & hail

25-year warranty for leaks


  • Holiday Inn, Clarksville, TN

  • Hangzhou Olympic Sports, Expo Center, China

  • Essex County Public Works Building, NJ

  • Bridgehampton Beach Club, NY



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Panel Types

TypeWidthHeightHeight with Polycarbonate JoinerWeightMin. cold bending radius
SUNPAL® 8/600 Lite23.625" (600m)0.922" (23.5mm)
1.3" (33m)0.744 lb/ft, 0.373 lb/ft2 (1.11kg/m, 1.83kg/m2)80" (2.0m)SUNPAL 8_600
SUNPAL® 8/60023.625" (600m)0.922" (23.5mm)
1.3" (33m)0.831 lb/ft, 0.41 lb/ft2 (1.24kg/m, 2.00kg/m2)80" (2.0m)SUNPAL 8_600
SUNPAL® 10/60023.625" (600m)1" (25.5mm)
1.375" (35m) 1.045 lb/ft, 0.53 lb/ft2 (1.56kg/m, 2.60kg/m2)96" (2.4m)SUNPAL 10_600
SUNPAL® 18/100039.37" (1000mm)1.313" (33.5mm)1.625" (41mm)2.084 lb/ft, 0.634 lb/ft2 (3.11kg/m, 3.11kg/m2)120" (3.0m)SUNPAL 18_1000
SUNPAL® 20/100039.37" (1000mm)1.406" (35.5mm)1.703" (43mm)2.137 lb/ft, 0.651 lb/ft2 (3.19kg/m, 3.19kg/m2)120" (3.0m)

SUNPAL panels are of multiwall structure, available by thicknesses of 0.313″, 0.406″, 0.703″, and 0.78″ (8, 10, 18 and 20 mm). Standard SUNPAL panels have UV protection on both sides. Specific order can be produced with UV protection on one side only. Maximum panel length is 472.05″ (11.99m – typical stock length).



Minimum order quantities and lead times vary by color. Please contact Palram for details.


LT (Light Transmission) = The percentage of incident visible light that passes through an object.

SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) = The percentage of incident solar radiation transmitted by an object, which includes the direct solar transmission and the part of the solar absorption radiated inward.

SC (Shading Coefficient) = The amount of the sun’s heat transmitted through a given window compared with that of a standard 3mm thick single pane of glass under the same conditions.

Technical Data

Thermal Insulation

TypeU-Value BTU / (hr·ft²·°F)R-Value (hr·ft²·°F) / BTU
SUNPAL® 8 mm Lite0.432.3
SUNPAL® 8 mm0.432.3
SUNPAL® 10 mm0.372.7
SUNPAL® 18/20 mm0.263.8


EN 13501B, s1, d0*
ASTM E84Class A*
ASTM D2843<75
ASTM D1929Self Ignition >900°F

*Depends on panel thickness.

Project Support

Architects and developers around the world are create environments that are bright, enjoyable and comfortable, a combination that can be difficult to achieve while also maintaining energy efficiency and sustainability.

If you are an architect, engineer, or builder and need assistance evaluating your design and developing an installation method and process, learn more about our  Architectural Project Support Center. We will help you!