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DynaGlas® SolarSoft™ Max

Highest daily light integral (DLI) & guaranteed condensate control for horticultural applications

DYNAGLAS SolarSoft Max is a revolutionary breakthrough in the horticultural industry. It is the first corrugated polycarbonate greenhouse covering to be tested for hemispherical light transmission by world-renowned Wageningen University and Research Center.


Compared to flat coverings, DYNAGLAS SolarSoft Max’s Greca style corrugation allows excellent light transmittance at low sun angles, while maintaining hemispherical light transmittance up to 78 percent. Combining this corrugation with a unique proprietary formulation allows the DYNAGLAS SolarSoft Max sheet to provide 90 percent light dispersion while maintaining 90 percent light transmission. This results in a deeper penetration of light that is evenly dispersed into the plant canopy, ensuring consistent growth for your crops.


More Light, More Evenly Dispersed

Highest DLI Value of Any Diffused Polycarbonate Sheet In the Industry

DynaGlas SolarSoft Max's white color allows for maximum light transmission while eliminating shadows and reducing unwanted solar heat gain. As light transmits through the sheet, the SolarSoft special pigments diffuse the light so that it spreads in many directions. This allows more evenly dispersed light throughout the greenhouse and less stress caused by direct sunlight, resulting in an ideal growth environment.

Read more about how to achieve optimal DLI in your greenhouse in this Tech Brief.

Highest DLI Value of Any Diffused Polycarbonate Sheet In the Industry

Product Details


ImageProfileWidth (inches)Thickness (inches)
Greca 7649.6", 73.6"0.032"

Available colors, light transmission, & diffusion (haze)

ColorsLight TransmissionLight Diffusion (Haze)
SolarSoft 8585%100%
SolarSoft 9090%40%
SolarSoft Max90%90%

Physical Properties

Property Conditions
(U.S. Customary)
ASTM Method Units - SI
(U.S. Customary)
(U.S. Customary)
Density D-1505g/cm³ (lb/ft³)1.2 (75)
Water Absorption 24 hr. @ 23°C D-570 % 0.15
Tensile strength at yield 10 mm/min (0.4 in./min) D-638 MPa (psi) 62 (9,000)
Tensile strength at break 10 mm/min (0.4 in./min) D-638 MPa (psi) 65 (9,500)
Elongation at yield 10 mm/min (0.4 in./min) D-638 % 6
Elongation at break 10 mm/min (0.4 in./min) D-638 % 110
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity 10 mm/min (0.4 in. /min) D-638 MPa (psi) 2,378 (345,000)
Flexural Modulus 1.3 mm/min (0.05 in./min) D-790 MPa (psi) 2,378 (345,000)
Flexural Strength at Yield 1.3 mm/min (0.05 in./min) D-790 MPa (psi) 93 (13,500)
Notch Impact Strength Izod 23°C (73°F) D-256 J/m (ft·lbf/in.) 800 (15)
Notch Impact Strength Charpy 23°C (73°F) D-256 J/m (ft·lbf/in) 800 (15)
Impact Falling Weight 3 mm (0.12 in.) Sheet ISO-6603/1b J (ft·lbf) 158 (117)
Rockwell Hardness D-785 R scale / M scale 125 / 70
Abrasion (Taber Process)100 Cycles, CS-10S Wheel, 500gD-1044% HazeN/A
Compressive Strength1.3 mm/min (.05 in./min)D-695MPa (psi) N/A
Compressive Modulus1.3 mm/min (.05 in./min)D-695MPa (psi) N/A
Shear strength at Yield1.3 mm/min (.05 in./min)D-732MPa (psi) N/A
Shear strength at Break1.3 mm/min (.05 in./min)D-732MPa (psi) N/A
Shear Modulus1.3 mm/min (.05 in./min)D-732MPa (psi) N/A
Long Term Service Temperature °C (°F) -40 to +100 (-40 to +212)
Short Term Service Temperature °C (°F) -40 to +120 (-40 to +250)
Heat Deflection Temperature Load: 1.82 Mpa (264 psi) D-648 °C (°F) 132 (270)
Vicat Softening Temperature Load: 1 kg (2.2 lb) D-1525 °C (°F) 150 (300)
Coefficient of Linear
Thermal Expansion
D-696 10-5/°C (10-5/°F) 6.5 (3.6)
Thermal Conductivity C-177 W/m°K (Btu-in./hr-ft2-°F) 0.21 (1.46)
Specific Heat Capacity C-351 kJ/kg°K (Btu/lb°F) 1.26 (0.31)
Haze .8 mm (0.03 in.)
Clear Sheet
D-1003 % <1
Light Transmission .8 mm (0.03 in.)
Clear Sheet
D-1003 % 90
Refractive Index Clear Sheet D-542 1.59
Yellowness Index .8 mm (0.03 in.)
Clear Sheet
D-1925 <1
Dielectric Constant 50 Hz D-150 3
1 MHz D-150 2.9
Dissipation Factor 50 Hz D-150 0.9
1 MHz D-150 11
Dielectric Strength Short Time 500 V/s D-149 kV/mm (V/mil) >30 (>770)
Surface Resistance Ketley D-257 Ohm 5.1x10^15
Volume Resistance Ketley D-257 Ohm-cm1.3x10^17

Regulatory Code Compliance Certification

NRC-CNRCCanadian NBC 2015 (Canopy Covering)CCMC Evaluation Report 13450-R
Miami Dade CountyFBC 2017 (Canopy Covering)NOA # 18-0328.03
ICC (International Code Council)IBC 2015 (Light Transmitting Plastics)ESR-1893
City of Los AngelesLABC 2017 (Light Transmitting Plastics)RR 25298


GREEN-TEK: Palram Master Distributor


Palram relies on its master distribution partner and converter, Green-Tek to manage all facets of the DYNAGLAS product line, including marketing, sales, warehousing, cutting, and logistics for full-size master-length sheets.

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